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Hello and welcome to my blog

Like many people on the Internet I always felt the need to share my completely irrelevant and boring life with others.

This site started back in 2015 (full story here) and has gone through many many changes in the last few years until I eventually decided to just throw my personal stuff on here.


A little about me, I spent approximately 70% of my time watching shows and movies and then tellling all of my friends what I just watched and what I liked and what I didn't. So reviews are one thing you'll find.

I also enjoy wasting my money and then hating myself for it so whenever I have sucessfully spent cash on something more or less stupid I will post it here. This sometimes overlaps with my obligation to share my opinion so I will often rate what I bought and say If I recommend it.

Crafting or "DIYs" are another thing I really enjoy, so I might do some tutorials on stuff I made.

Lastly I am interested in art, video games, dancing and more random shit so there really is a lot I can and will talk about and I'm currently unsure how to sum the rest up. Guess it's a surprise for everyone.


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